Snow Storm to Impact Travel as it Moves Through Wyoming

Snow Storm to Impact Travel as it Moves Through Wyoming

SWEETWATER COUNTY — A large snow storm will be making its way into Wyoming starting sometime this evening and lasting through Wednesday, according to the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT).

WYDOT issued an impact video stating light snow will work its way into the state this evening and continue through Wednesday evening. Interstate 80, Interstate 25, Interstate 90, and Wyoming 28, particularly the South Pass area, will be impacted by the storm. Heavy snow and reduced visibility are being predicted east of Rock Springs all the way to Laramie.

Central and eastern Wyoming will get hit the hardest with this storm and some areas will experience blizzard conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday. While the snow will only stay through Wednesday, the winds are expected to continue through Thursday, which may impact travel.

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The United States National Weather Service has issued a special weather statement saying the Upper Green River Basin and western Sweetwater County can expect 1-2 inches of snow by tomorrow morning. The snow will be accompanied by 15 to 25 mph wind gusts.

“Travel will be impacted by snow, ” the NWS states.

To watch the entire Wyoming Impact video, see the video below.