Solid Waste District Accepts General Manager’s Resignation

Solid Waste District Accepts General Manager’s Resignation

Photo courtesy of Solid Waste District No. 1's Facebook page.

ROCK SPRINGS – The resignation of Sweetwater County Solid Waste District No. 1 is forcing its board to examine how the landfill will be managed in the future.

The district’s board of directors met during a special meeting Friday evening to accept a resignation letter General Manager Kevin Herman submitted to the board.

“We got this letter a few days ago,” Rick Cozad, the chairman of the board said.

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The board unanimously approved acceptance of the letter, which states Herman’s final day will be Dec. 8.

During the meeting, Cozad told other members of the board they should host a workshop discussion to flesh out the management alternatives available to them. Board member Lars Nandrup said there are several options available to the board, including contracting with Wyoming Waste Systems to manage the landfill. Board member Larissa Apel believes the board should hire another general manager and talk about changing how the site is managed if they’re unable to find a qualified candidate. Cozad said they would not decide on a course of action immediately.

A second item to accept a proposal for payroll and bookkeeping services was tabled at the meeting. The proposal was initially sought to prepare the board for the eventual departure of the board’s office manager, but opted to table the proposal until the employee decides to leave. Nandrup said he likes the idea of accounting being done outside of the organization, as it would improve transparency.

“This is an avenue we can go down in the future,” Apel said.