Southwest Counseling Offers Tips for Staying Well During Social Distancing

Southwest Counseling Offers Tips for Staying Well During Social Distancing

Taking care of yourself will be important during this period of time of social isolation.

We tend to be social and wanting to have contact with family, friends, neighbors and others.

With social distancing and normal routines being interrupted, it will be important to keep a balance in your new normal.

Watch for signs of increased mental distress:

  • Increase worry, irritability and/or anger
  • Changes in sleep patterns and eating habits
  • Difficulty concentrating or being able to focus
  • Increase use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs

What can you do?

  1. Create a routine each day to help give a sense of normality and productivity
  2. Stay in contact with friends, family and others through calling, texting and social media
  3. Take a walk outside, remember to exercise to relieve stress
  4. Watch your self-talk and negative thinking
  5. Limit media watching-stay informed but avoid feeling overwhelmed from information.
  6. Take one day at a time and focus on what you can control and what you can do.

Southwest Counseling Service continues to operate with modifications. Southwest Counseling Service offices are open. Southwest Counseling Service is requesting individuals do not to come into the facilities if they are sick, coughing, running a temperature, sneezing, etc.

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The majority of groups for Southwest Counseling Service will be conducted by telehealth. SCS is also utilizing telephone calls and telehealth with individual clients. Emergency Services are available.

Southwest Counseling Service Offices

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