Southwest Counseling & Sweetwater County Prevention Invite You to Rethinking Drinking

Southwest Counseling & Sweetwater County Prevention Invite You to Rethinking Drinking

A single drink may not be as much as you think.

Below is a graph of what a standard drink may look like.

Remember to keep in mind that the amount of fluid ounces or volume of a drink will change depending on the strength of the beer, wine, or spirit. Also, the state of Wyoming has the second highest cost for beer. As a Wyoming resident you pay on average 30% more than the rest of the nation for that beer. Drinking can add up, make sure you think before you drink.

Alcohol Spending Calculator

Above is a link to a website that provides information on drinking statistics. The alcohol spending calculator well ask you three questions in order to estimate the average amount of money you spend in a week, month, and year. The questions they ask are: On average, how many days per week do you drink alcohol? On a typical drinking day, how many drinks do you have? What’s the average price per drink?

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Thinking about a change? Tips to try:

  • Keep track
  • Count and measure
  • Set goals
  • Plan to handle urges
  • Avoid triggers

For more information about drinking guidelines and figuring out how much alcohol is in a drink, go to

If you have questions or would like to request additional information on prevention resources in Sweetwater County contact Andrew Hagemann or Shae Bell at (307) 352-6677 or email

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