Staff Holiday Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Dip

Staff Holiday Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Dip

?? SweetwaterNOW staff member Lillian shares a Holiday recipe:


This Pumpkin Pie Dip I made for a Thanksgiving treat was a hit with my family this year. Make it for yours! It’s so yummy and easy to make,”

~ Lillian Palmer

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Pumpkin Pie Dip Recipe


~ 1 can pumpkin pie filling
~ 1 tub whipped topping
~ 1 box instant vanilla pudding
~ pumpkin pie spice
~ graham crackers (for dipping)


Mix first four ingredients in a bowl. Let stiffen in fridge for an hour before serving. Use graham crackers for scooping. Sprinkle extra pumpkin pie spice on top. Enjoy!


*Makes a great pre-dinner snack for the family while the dinner is being prepared. #crowdpleaser