Star Stadium 11 to Upgrade Seating for Your Movie Watching Enjoyment

Star Stadium 11 to Upgrade Seating for Your Movie Watching Enjoyment

Your cinema experience is about to get a whole lot better with brand new seating at the Star Stadium 11 + ARQ Theaters.

ROCK SPRINGS — Movie lovers, take note. You’ll soon be enjoying your favorite flicks in luxurious comfort and style.

That’s because the Star Stadium 11 Theaters, including the ARQ, will soon be getting brand new seating throughout the complex.

The City of Rock Springs issued the permits to A Pleasant Construction out of Green River about two weeks ago, and while the multi-phased project does not officially have a start date, the improvements carry on a complete revision of our local cinema complex.

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“They’re actually going to reduce the number of total seats in the place because the seats they’re putting in are premium,” said Rock Springs Building Official Jeff Tuttle. “So the seats are going to recline and have foot rests that come up, the whole nine yards.”

Tuttle said the project will be done in stages in order to keep the theaters open during construction. According to the city’s April 2019 Valuation Report, the project will cost roughly $275,000 to complete.

“Because the seats are larger and they recline, the aisles are going to be wider to accommodate the new seating,” Tuttle added about flooring construction for the project. “So some areas they’re going to jackhammer concrete out, some areas they’re going to add it in to make new areas for the seating to go into.”

Theater manager Jonathon Crawford says with the continued improvement of home theater systems it was imperative that the Star Stadium 11 maintain a unique experience for its customers.

“If we don’t also improve, our customers will stay home and “chill.” We sell an experience, and we want these seats to add to that experience. Customers will find that purchasing tickets in advance, on our site, will allow them to pick their seats and reserve them.”

Star Stadium 11 + ARQ Manager Jonathon Crawford

If you haven’t been recently, Star Stadium 11 has a whole new look designed to make your night out more comfortable and convenient. Newly installed kiosks in the lobby allow moviegoers a quick-print option.

“Having to arrive 30-40 minutes early to get good seats will not be a stress anymore,” Crawford added. “Knowing you have a good seat hours, even days or weeks in advance is a real stress relief. This will allow more time to get concessions in order, send the kids the restrooms, and still not have to send in someone to “hold” seats for the family.”

Three-hour films like Avengers and the coming Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker will be a lot more enjoyable reclined in comfort, Crawford added.

“We recently upgraded our sound processors in an effort to stay ahead of the curve, adding closed captioning devices, and audio descriptive devices we are now reaching out to customers who in the past may have been left out. With new technologies on the horizon, you can believe that we are continually investing in our theater for you, the customer. Our company believes in re-investing in itself, that is just good business in our industry,” Crawford said.