Statewide COVID-19 Hospitalizations Highest Since Mid-February

Statewide COVID-19 Hospitalizations Highest Since Mid-February

CHEYENNE — According the Wyoming Department of Health’s (WDH) May 21 hospitalization report, the state has 43 COVID-19 Coronavirus hospitalizations, which is up from 36 last Friday.

This is the highest number of hospitalizations the state has seen since February 13 when there was also 43 patients.

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center has the most hospitalizations with 14 patients, followed by Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie with six.

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According to the White House COVID-19 Task Force, Wyoming had a 2.9 percent 14-day positivity rate from May 6 to May 19. This keeps Wyoming in the “yellow zone,” which means the state has moderate transmission levels.

The state had a 2.2 percent 14-day positivity rate from April 29 to May 12, so the most recent report has seen a slight increase.

The WDH’s May 21 vaccination report shows that as of today, Wyoming has received 417,375 total doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and has administered 183,056 first doses of them, and 161,585 second doses.

The state is reporting it has administered 12,055 doses of 26,600 doses received for the single-dose Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) vaccine. 

The WDH reports there have been 50,319 lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases, 49,280 case recoveries, and 713 deaths since the pandemic started in Wyoming. That means one death was recorded this week, which came out of Sweetwater County. The state currently has 9,341 probable cases and 421 active cases compared to 410 active cases last Friday.

The WDH announced Friday that the statewide public health orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic are likely entering the final phase, including the immediate removal of one of the two remaining orders.

Statewide public health order #2, which affected indoor events of more than 500 people, is now eliminated.

Mask use and physical distancing requirements in statewide public health order #1 related to K-12 schools will remain through May 31, while the same requirements for colleges are immediately eliminated. An extension of statewide public health order #1 past May 31 is not expected.

Sweetwater County

The White House COVID-19 Task Force shows that Sweetwater County had a 6.7 percent 14-day positivity rate from May 6 through May 19. That’s a decrease from 7.2 percent last week. This keeps Sweetwater County in the “orange zone” meaning the county’s transmission levels are moderate to high.

The WDH’s May 21 hospitalization report shows Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County (MHSC) has one COVID-19 related hospitalization. MHSC reports they have six of nine Intensive Care Unit beds available.

According to the WDH, Sweetwater County has had 4,237 lab-confirmed cases, 4,139 case recoveries, and 39 deaths since the start of the pandemic. One death was reported in Sweetwater County this week. There are currently 184 probable cases and 65 active cases. Last Friday, Sweetwater County had 61 active cases.