Study Aims to Recommend Improvements for Flaming Gorge Way

Study Aims to Recommend Improvements for Flaming Gorge Way

Photo courtesy of Steve Core

GREEN RIVER — With talk of infrastructure funding in the news, staff at the City of Green River Public Works Department are optimistic that the Flaming Gorge Way Corridor Study may elevate the status of a project they have been trying to promote for years.

Public Works Director Mark Westenskow says the Flaming Gorge Way Corridor Study project was started in January 2020 through a cooperative agreement between the City of Green River and the Wyoming Department of Transportation. He says this project’s purpose has been to develop an integrated land use, transportation, and urban design vision and plan for Flaming Gorge Way in Downtown Green River. 

The project team examined accessibility and walkability, road surface and ride quality, the age and condition of water mains for fire protection, the existing storm drain system, current and proposed land uses, and factors contributing to traffic related to increased downtown business and possible closure of I-80 on either side of the tunnels where Flaming Gorge Way would handle the by-pass traffic, and parking congestion.

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Westenskow says the study provides recommendations and solutions to address access for pedestrians, residents, visitors, and emergency responders, improve safety, mitigate congestion, and position Flaming Gorge Way for reinvestment and redevelopment. Recommendations include specific street improvements to enhance safety and functionality for all users, alongside being appropriate for the scale, character, and land uses in the corridor.

The project team conducted several community outreach events during the development of the study, including stakeholder meetings in early 2020, and a design charrette and outreach at the farmers’ market last summer.

The study will provide a sufficient level of detail to pose clear choices, identify infrastructure and operational needs, and recommend an implementation plan, including cost estimates. The recommendations will inform a future full design project.