Sublette County Commissioners Approve Bondurant Billionaire’s Zoning Change Request

The zoning change will allow for the project to move forward.
Sublette County Commissioners Approve Bondurant Billionaire’s Zoning Change Request

Here is a rendering of what the Jackson Fork Resort will look like when completed.

SUBLETTE COUNTY — Despite an overwhelming majority of Sublette County residents being opposed to a zoning change that would allow for a Bondurant Billionaire to move forward with a resort and cabin project, the Sublette County Commission approved the zoning change request.

With a 3-2 vote, the Commission also went against the Sublette County Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation of not approving the zoning change from agriculture 1 to recreational service 1.

After a nearly 3-hour long public-comment period and discussion, Commission Chair Joel Bousman and commissioners Sam White and Tom Noble approved the zoning change, while commissioners Doug Vickrey and Dave Stephens were opposed.

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According to an article in the Pinedale Roundup, TD Ameritrade founder and part owner of the Chicago Cubs Joe Ricketts appeared at the meeting in person to advocate for the zoning change so he can build a resort called Jackson Fork Ranch Resort and Cabins. There were around 100 people attending the meeting in person and roughly 70 joined online.

According to Exhibit B in the Change of Zoning District Boundary Application, Ricketts requested 56 acres of Agricultural 1 land to be rezoned to Recreational Service 1. This will allow for the construction of a 15-20 room resort and guest cabins, which will be constructed in two phases.

Jackson Fork Ranch Resort and Cabin Conceptual Layout

The first phase will consist of the resort, two guest cabins and support buildings on the northern end of the proposed rezoned area. The second phase will include six cabins and support buildings on the southern end.

“Both phases will be constructed with little to no viewspace impact on the bench above the Upper Hoback County Road,” Exhibit B states.