Sublette County Continues Preparation for COVID-19 Coronavirus

Sublette County Continues Preparation for COVID-19 Coronavirus

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There are no COVID-19 Coronavirus cases in Sublette County, as of yet, but plans are in place to ensure proper stock of appropriate PPE and flow of patients to care for citizens effectively, said Public Information Officer Travis Bingham. The hope is to flatten the infection curve to lower the severity of an outbreak in the county.

“We are just preparing. We have no cases yet. It’s probably not an ‘if’, it’s a ‘when’,” said Bingham. “Whenever we get one, we’ll be ready.”

A local task force group composed of officials county-wide was assembled a few weeks ago to head-up the combat against the potential outbreak of the COVID-19 in Sublette County. The group consists of Sublette County Public Health, Sublette County Rural Health Care District, Sublette County Emergency Management, Sublette County Sheriff’s Office, Sublette County Unified Fire, the local school districts and many more.

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Getting Tested

Those who are experiencing symptoms and fit the current guideline criteria for COVID-19 testing should call the Pinedale or Marbleton Clinics respectively and follow provider information. Intake maps for each clinic are shown below.

Above is the intake map for the Pinedale Clinic

“There have been tests completed and fortunately so far all results back have been negative, said Bingham. “There is still a delay in return on results but so far so good.”

The public will be notified as soon as there is a confirmed case in Sublette County, said Bingham and the patient would be treated according to health care recommendations.

Above is the intake map for the Marbleton Clinic

What If

“Some patients are able to quarantine and recover at home while others need more specific care,” said Bingham. “This becomes a case-by-case scenario.”

In the meantime, officials urge citizens to adhere to social distancing and other guidelines. When in public, keep six feet or more from others and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. If you feel ill, please stay home – even if it’s not COVID-19.

“They are frustrating, but [the guidelines] are our best defense in “flattening the curve” of the spread of this virus,” said Bingham.

More updates available on Sublette County COVID-19 Response page here.