#SWEETREADS: How About a Little Motivation to Read Something New

#SweetReads: A new column provided by the Sweetwater County Library System, featuring reading recommendations by employees of our local libraries. Assistant Director Lindsey Travis provides you with this week's column.
#SWEETREADS: How About a Little Motivation to Read Something New

Let’s take a minute to consider the awesomeness of new books.

Crisp pages. A shiny, bright cover. A new, unread adventure ready to be discovered. I personally think the New Books shelves are the best part of the library. I can be found browsing through these shelves several times a week looking for my next, new read – and I never leave empty-handed.

If you prefer recently published books, the library’s New Books shelves are a good place to look. We are constantly adding new titles to the collection. Since Jan. 1, the libraries have added 775 new items to our collections. Since July 1, when the fiscal year began, we have added 5,850 new items to the collection.

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So many choices! And those items cover all ages, genres and interests, so there is always something new to read to fit everyone’s tastes. During the month of February, checking out books from the New Books shelves at the libraries has an added bonus – you may end up winning a prize!

The library’s Fall in Love with Something New promotion is going on all month. When you check out a book from any of our New Books shelves, you will receive an entry into our prize drawing – that’s some extra motivation for you!

To help you in your search for a new book, here are a few book recommendations:

  • Made In China: A Prisoner, an SOS Letter, and the Hidden Cost of America’s Cheap Goods, by Amelia Pang – In this nonfiction book, investigative journalist Amelia Pang looks at the story of Sun Yi, a Chinese engineer turned political prisoner who was forced in labor. This book examines the real price that is paid for America to receive cheap goods from overseas.
  • Our Darkest Night, by Jennifer Robson – This is a great read for fans of historical fiction. Inspired by true events, this story is about a young Jewish woman who poses as the wife of a Christian farmer in order to survive the Holocaust. It’s a story of terror, hope, love and sacrifice found in the midst of the worst days of World War II.
  • At the Edge of the Haight, by Katherine Segliman – In this book, the reader takes a walk in the shoes of a homeless young woman named Maddy. Maddy wanders upon a murder in progress, which upends her life. Everyone from the police to the victim’s parents want to talk to her about what she witnessed. The story causes Maddy to confront her past and decide whether she wants to be found or stay hidden.
  • The Push, by Ashley Audrain – The Push is a psychological thriller about a new mother, Blythe, who is convinced that there is something wrong with her newborn daughter. Her concerns are dismissed by her husband who says she’s imagining things. Blythe begins to question her own sanity, that is until her son is born and she has an instant connection that she didn’t have with her first child. This story takes a close look at motherhood and what it feels like when women are not believed.
  • Walk in My Combat Boots, by James Patterson and Matt Eversmann – This is a powerful collection of true stories collected from men and women who have fought overseas in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. These collected stories provide a rare look into what serving the country, fighting in combat and losing friends, and coming home is really like.