Sweetwater County Boys Basketball Coaches Give Insight on Upcoming Season and Rule Changes

Sweetwater County Boys Basketball Coaches Give Insight on Upcoming Season and Rule Changes

SweetwaterNOW photo, Stephanie Peterson

SWEETWATER COUNTY – As the 2023 basketball season gets underway next week, we reached out to all the basketball coaches around the county to get their insight on a few topics for this season. First, we asked them about the new rule that eliminates 1-1 free throws. We also asked them about a rule change that has been a hot topic around the state the last few years regarding implementing a shot clock in Wyoming. And finally, we asked them all about their teams this year and who they felt would have a big impact on their teams this year.

Check out below what the boys’ basketball coaches had to say from Farson-Eden, Rock Springs, and Green River.

Rick Mitchelson


1. There is a new rule in high school basketball that eliminates the 1-1 free throws and moves the bonus to 5 fouls in one quarter now to shoot 2 free throws for any common foul. How do you feel about this change and how do you think your team will adjust to the change?

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“It obviously puts a premium on free throw shooting.  Don’t like the rule, but will work on free throws more in practice.”

2. One rule change that didn’t happen this year that a few coaches around the state wanted to see was a shot clock to be implemented in Wyoming. How do you stand on this and do you hope to see the change in the future?

“Bad idea, takes old school strategy away and makes the game too fast and sloppy for most high school teams.”

3. How are you feeling about your team heading into the season this year and are there any players who you expect to have a big impact on the court this season?

“Feel good, lots of returning players who finished the season strong and are motivated to earlier success.”

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Bill Rosette

Rock Springs

1. “The free throw rule is going to take some time to get used to, I see it being good for teams that might struggle scoring from the field, as always some big points from the line. My team could really benefit from this change, they attack the basket hard and hopefully will get to the line more this year.”

2. “We’ve been hearing about a shot clock for a long time and I don’t mind seeing one being implemented. Boys Basketball is really fast paced in Wyoming and I don’t think it will be a problem for us.”

3. “Going into this season my guards have a ton of experience, I expect a lot out of them, definitely will be my leaders. Jevon Newman, Joey Stauffer, Owen Patterson, and Kael Anderson will carry most of the load for us. We will be without Sam Lionberger, one of our post players, who was lost for the year with an injury. He had the most experience inside and was coming off of a great year last year. Goodness Okere is back for his senior year and I see him being a huge impact for us from the beginning with his inside presence. Sam Eddy and Boston James, a freshman, will also give us some good minutes this year.”

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Laurie Ivie

Green River

1. “It might take some time for players and coaches to adjust to the new FT rule. It’s too soon for me to have an opinion about it (but I bet I’ll have one here in a few weeks). I am curious to see how this rule change will affect late-game scenarios.”

2. “Shot clock – I am pretty neutral. A lot of coaches feel strongly one way or another… I see the + and – to both sides.”

3. “The anticipation and energy in our gym is at an all-time high this season. We had a tremendous off-season. Our players were in the weight room, open gyms, and played in 40+ games. We’re ready for their dedication and hard work to pay off. As a result of their commitment, we have an exceptional chemistry among our players – which will be one of our greatest strengths. We have a solid group of senior leaders – Theran Archibald, Chris Wilson, Adrian Ruiz, and Bryson Birch, along with several returning varsity players from last year – Hunter Lake, AJ Keelin, and Dax Taylor.”