Sweetwater County COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center April 13 Report

The April 13, 2020, daily situation report from the Sweetwater County COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center was released this afternoon. Here’s our takeaway.

ROCK SPRINGS — Three of the nine Sweetwater County COVID-19 Coronavirus patients have made a full recovery, while 27 residents are being quarantined.

According to the EOC’s April 13 briefing, three of Sweetwater County’s nine confirmed positive patients have now recovered. All others remain in self-isolation and in good condition with only mild symptoms treatable from home.

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As a result of local contact tracing for patients seven, eight and nine, Sweetwater County Public Health is reporting an additional 27 people are in quarantine and some are awaiting COVID-19 testing results.

A “probable” case is defined as a close contact of a confirmed positive who is symptomatic, but who has not been tested in an effort to conserve testing supplies.

The Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater Memorial reported it has collected 411 COVID-19 tests with 381 returned negative, seven positive and 23 are pending results.

Castle Rock Medical Center reported it has collected 67 COVID-19 tests with 65 returned negative, 2 positive and 0 pending results.

In addition to state testing, Castle Rock reminds everyone that they have added private lab testing as an additional means to test suspected COVID-19 patients. The turnaround time on these tests is approximately three to four days. These testing supplies are limited, so patients should call the clinic for a same-day appointment. Castle Rock is not accepting orders for these testing supplies from outside providers.