Sweetwater County Events Complex audit discussed at Fair Board meeting

Sweetwater County Events Complex audit discussed at Fair Board meeting

ROCK SPRINGS –  Many government agencies are working closely with financial professionals as audits are continuing and being finished around the state. For the Sweetwater County Events Complex, their audit is getting ready to really get busy.

“We are right in the middle of it,” Executive Director Larry Lloyd said.

As the group listened it was explained the auditors are now requesting and going over documents and figures. They recently asked for revenue records for the prior year which includes the National High School Finals Rodeo and the Sweetwater County Fair, “Wyoming’s Big Show”. Lloyd added they also sent the auditors the board minutes to make sure proper procedures were taking place.

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The auditors also look at other records including employees records to make sure proper processes are in place. Lloyd said they don’t look at every employee’s file but enough to make sure these processes are in place and being applied.

“There are things Kandi (Pendleton) can do that me or Drew (Dunn) can’t. There are things Drew can do but we can’t. There are things I can do that they can’t,” Lloyd said. “This creates the checks and balances.”

The board asked about employees who have garnishments from child support and various other things and how those are handled. Lloyd said that a list of employees is sent to agencies who handle things like child support and the documents are sent back to them.

Lloyd retold a story about a few employees who decided to steal a stove from one of the buildings several years ago. Lloyd said they were caught and were ordered to pay restitution to the complex. Lloyd said that the company the court works with garnishes the employees and sends a check to the complex.

“It gets paid back a little at a time,” Lloyd explained.

The board also asked if the company is the same one which did the audit last year. Lloyd said they company is the same one which has done the audit for the past several years. He said the company is approved by the Sweetwater County Commissioners. He added he believes the commissioners re-bid the audit process after so many years.

The company will be physically on site the first week of November.


Some concerns were raised about space and the 4H. Board member Deborah Arguello said she had received some concerns from one of the 4H groups that they might get pushed out of their space.

Events Coordinator Kandi Pendleton said she recently had a meeting and invited all the 4H groups despite many not showing up. She explained the meeting was positive and relayed that the Monday groups would remain in the same area they have always had.

Board member Paul Zancanella also attended the meeting and had some different concerns. The space in the barns is very tight and Zancanella said there has been a lot of cancellations. He added the space which is left because of cancellations could have been used for other groups who would use the time and space.

Lloyd agreed with Zancanella but brought another point to the discussion. Lloyd said he has visited with Sweetwater County Commissioner John Kolb, city officials and other officials and explained that at some point they have to start looking at another building.