Sweetwater County Marriage Report For August 10 – August 21, 2020

Sweetwater County Marriage Report For August 10 – August 21, 2020

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SWEETWATER COUNTY — The following marriage licenses were issued in Sweetwater County between August 10-21, 2020.

Jarod Leland Goglio, 26, to Chezney Deanne Leisch, 26, both of Rock Springs.

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Thomas Douglas Gajarski, 33, to Charlotte Ann (Nielsen) Blaylock, 38, both of Green River.

Kevin Roger Best Jr., 22, to Toni Marie Garman, 29, both of Wamsutter.

Austin Brady Waite, 25, to Marysa Nicole Barton, 23, both of Green River.

Christopher Lee Bryson, 26, to Samantha Marie Hughes, 24, both of Rock Springs.

Joshua Phillip Baker, 31, to Nicole Mary Rublee, 27, both of Rock Springs.

Michael Richard Bertagnolli, 47, to Terra Anne Halstead, 48, both of Rock Springs.

Heather Lee Fletcher, 33, of Rock Springs, to Adela Rae Maes, 34, of Green River.

Daymon Michael Hinton, 30, to Alexis Diane Millet, 25, both of Green River.

Cody Wayne Wadsworth, 23, of Rock Springs, to Billie Ruth Nel, 19, of Irvine, California.

Johnny Lee Schlappi, 25, to Caren Anne Cantwell, 21, both of Rock Springs.

Luke Gerrard Adkison, 42, to Denise Carol Johnson, 48, both of Green River.

Skyler Keith Bloom, 27, to Kylie Lynn Gallegos, 26, both of Green River.

Dustin Dale Ledgerwood, 36, to Kaylin Marie Pecolar, 35, both of Rock Springs.

Clarke Reynolds Armatis, 32, to Julia Sophia Marszewski Paliare, 33, both of Park City, Utah.

Zack Tyler Mathes, 24, to Kenzie Rayne Jorgensen, 24, both of Green River.

Brenden Jacob Blake Davies, 30, to Janette Layne Shears, 31, both of Rock Springs.

Elijah Troy Hill, 21, to Alexa Nicole Tenney, 23, both of Provo, Utah.

Perry Leroy Smith, 67, of Green River, to Patti Florence (Bombard) Cormier, 64, of Plattsburgh, New York.