Sweetwater County Marriage Report for September 19-30, 2022

Sweetwater County Marriage Report for September 19-30, 2022

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SWEETWATER COUNTY — The following marriage licenses were issued in Sweetwater County from September 19-30, 2022.

Lakota James Beck, 33, to Jasmine Marie Soller, 38, both of Rock Springs .

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Melvin David Hernandez Osorio, 33, of Rock Springs, to Gabriela Yvette Lujan, 36, of Green River.

Francis Hugh Harrison, 66, of Converse, Texas, to Alesia Dianne Robison (Cafferty), 69, of Green River.

Darren Wayne Johnson, 53, to Brittany Suzanne Flores (Bigolin), 43, both of Rock Springs.

Zachary Michael Mills (Baretsky), 21, to Natalie Ann Irvine, 32, both of Rock Springs.

Angel Ann Smothers, 32, to Ashley Renee (Martin) Freeman, 38, both of Rock Springs.

Brian Jefferson Allen, 53, to Cari Ann (Mosbey) Kragovich, 51, both of Rock Springs.

Jesse Lee Stainbrook, 25, to Saydee Autum Willson, 22, both of Rock Springs.

Sri Sampath Anne, 29, of Salt Lake City, to Jayna Marie Stone, 40, of Rock Springs.

Maria Isabel Martinez Pallares, 51, to Abril Trinidad Talavera Munoz, 41, both of Rock Springs.

Gerber Aleyzar Esquivel Contreras, 40, to Ma Patrocinio Rivera Vela, 46, both of Rock Springs.

Skyler Cole Dover, 26, to Ashlyn Marie Edwards, 23, both of Rock Springs.