Sweetwater County to Request Over $1.5 Million in Coronavirus Relief Grants

Sweetwater County to Request Over $1.5 Million in Coronavirus Relief Grants

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The Sweetwater County Commissioners approved a number of Coronavirus Relief Grant request applications during their meeting on Tuesday, totaling over $1.5 million going toward county departments and component agencies.

The Coronavirus Relief Grants are all offered through the Office of State Lands and Investments and require no matching funds. Departments and agencies receiving funds are listed below:

  • Sweetwater County Attorney’s Office: $22,315
  • Sweetwater County Clerk of District Court: $28,548
  • Sweetwater County Facilities Department: $29,026.28
  • Sweetwater County Land Use Department: $4,800
  • Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport: $412,824.64
  • Sweetwater Events Complex: $214,307.20
  • Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County: $434,137.26
  • Southwest Counseling Services: $404,315.01

All of the funding will go toward assisting with expenses related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Each of the requests by the departments and agencies aims to limit or avoid exposure to COVID-19.

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County Departments

The Sweetwater County Attorney’s Office is going to use the grant funds to purchase 11 laptops as well as VPN licenses so they can carry out their legal responsibilities and activities in a virtual environment, which will reduce exposure to COVID-19.

The Sweetwater County Clerk of District Court will be using the funds for personal protective equipment (PPE), six desktop podiums for the courtrooms, 25 extra jurors per trial, office supplies, video conferencing equipment, and electrical work for the State of Wyoming’s District Courtrooms COVID-19 Technology Upgrade Project.

The Facilities Department is requesting the funds to purchase PPE, and for technology and electrical updates to the Commissioners’ meeting room. The meeting room is being adapted for use amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Land Use Department plans to use the funding for one laptop and video conferencing equipment.

Component Agencies

The Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport is requesting over $412,000, which will go toward cleaning equipment and PPE, technology equipment for virtual teleworking and meetings, HVAC improvements, and new terminal seating that will allow for sanitation.

The Events Complex is requesting funds to be able to host events safely. Funds will be used for technology equipment for virtual tours, events, and teleworking. Additionally, they will use the grant monies for signage equipment, PPE, furniture and flooring that allows social distancing and cleaning, and crowd control equipment such as room dividers and ticket booth barricades.

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County has more needs than any other agency or department, as they provide health services to the community. Their requested funds will go toward technology equipment, ventilator upgrades and purchases, 10 temperature kiosks to check the temperature of every individual entering the hospital, and medical testing equipment for COVID-19 patients.

Lastly, Southwest Counseling Service will use funds, if granted, toward designating a group home for quarantined individuals, furniture that can be sanitized, HVAC upgrades, 22 laptops and other technology to provide Telehealth, disinfectants, and social distancing signage.