Sweetwater County Travel & Tourism Event Mentioned in New York Times


Jenissa Meredith, Executive Director of Sweetwater County Travel & Tourism (SWTT), presented the 2018 annual report to Rock Springs City Council this week. See the full report here.

As background, the Lodging Tax, approved by Sweetwater County voters in 1991 and passed recently in Nov. 2018 with 80% support, fully funds Sweetwater County Travel & Tourism. It’s also known as “the tax YOU don’t pay” since the majority of funding comes from out-of-area visitors to Sweetwater County!

Meredith pointed out that “over 40 local events” are assisted in some way by Travel & Tourism funding. See the full list in the report.

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A few of the major highlights of 2018 were partnering with KUTV News out of Salt Lake City to help showcase the 2018 NHSFR that was hosted in Sweetwater County.

Another big highlight was the first Proud Wyoming Woman event that focused on networking, arts and culture, female health and wellness and included activities like yoga, fly fishing and more. It was created by Meredith to honor the women of Wyoming and to celebrate Women’s Suffrage in 1869.

The event was featured in the New York Times “52 Places to Go in 2019.”

SWTT is expecting over 300 women at the 2019 Proud Wyoming Woman event and are hoping to expand the event to include trap shooting, dutch oven cooking, and a Downtown Rock Springs venue.

Meredith said that they are discussing Flaming Gorge Tours. “It’s in the works!” And they would more than likely run from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

SWTT also reports that by their estimates, over $157 Million was spent by visitors in 2018.