Sweetwater County’s Travelers Assistance Program Has Run out of Funds

Sweetwater County’s Travelers Assistance Program Has Run out of Funds

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The St. Christopher’s Highway travel assistance program in Sweetwater County has run out of funds and can no longer provide assistance until more funding is obtained.

During the Rock Springs Chamber lunch today, Joyce Corcoran Coordinator of St. Christopher’s Highway program said the program is in dire need of funding.

The program was created by Holy Communion Episcopal Church members who noticed there was a great need in this community. According to Corcoran, the program started in April of 2019 and has been tremendously successful. St. Christopher’s Highway provides emergency travelers aid seven days a week, 24 hours a day by assisting with lodging, meals, transportation, and clothing.

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“We are funded by the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming to the tune of $50,000 per year,” Corcoran said. “I hate to say it, but we have run out of money. We have been so busy this year, it’s just been incredible.”

A lot of factors are playing into why more are travelers are seeking assistance including, people moving across the country and having a car break down, or running out of money due to high gas prices.

“You name it. There’s all kinds of reasons for us to be in business,” she said.

Since April of 2019, the program has received $166,270 and they have served 827 individuals during that time with all kinds of issues. Of that funding, $105,000 came from Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming, around $31,000 from Sweetwater County through COVID-19 funding, and the other $30,400 was through donations.

“That’s what we’ve lived on and now all of a sudden end of June we had no more money to spend,” Corcoran said.

The program will be receiving another $50,000 grant from the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming in mid-August, but they do not have any funding until then.

She asked all of those in attendance to consider donating to help them out until they receive more funding. For more information on how to donate, call 307-350-1629.