Sweetwater Memorial Elects New Medical Staff Officers

Sweetwater Memorial Elects New Medical Staff Officers

New MHSC Medical Officers include, left to right, Dr. Brianne Crofts, Dr. Alicia Gray, and Dr. Lucy Ryan.

ROCK SPRINGS — The Medical Staff of Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County has elected new officers for the coming year.

The medical staff elected General Surgeon Dr. Brianne Crofts, MD, as president during a recent meeting. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jacques Denker, DO, will now serve as immediate past president.

Hospitalist Dr. Alicia Gray, MD, will continue as vice president. Pediatrician Dr. Lucy Ryan, MD, will serve as secretary/treasurer.

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The MHSC Medicine Department retained both Nephrologist Dr. Rahul Pawar, MD, as chairman, and Internal Medicine Dr. Israel Stewart, DO, as vice-chairman.

The MHSC Surgery Department retained Anesthesiologist Dr. Neal Asper, DO, as chairman. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Tony Pedri, MD, was elected vice-chairman.

Dr. Melinda Poyer, DO, is employed as the hospital’s chief medical officer.