SweetwaterNOW Launches SweetwaterTHEN

SweetwaterNOW Launches SweetwaterTHEN

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Over a year ago the SweetwaterNOW team was made aware of a historic archive that chronicles hidden pieces of Sweetwater County history.

We have since worked tirelessly between breaking news updates, community coverage and epic memes to curate the information into a 10-part series we’re calling “SweetwaterTHEN”.

The variety of uncovered events includes:

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  • The Great Hot Air Ballon Landing of 1912
  • The Jackalope Uprising of 1986
  • The Tropic Winter of 1856
  • and much much more.

Grab you popcorn and prepare to be baffled, the new series kicks off …

Date TBD