Take Part in the Tiger Challenge This Week!

Take Part in the Tiger Challenge This Week!

Huddle Up Rock Springs Booster Club is throwing down a challenge to Rock Springs!

There was a time when watching an event for the sheer joy of it was a thing. Times were simpler, and today, people are pulled in many different directions.

Let’s get together, have a great time, enjoy some concessions, and cheer loud with your friends and neighbors for your hometown kids!


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  • Nov. 4: If you are in a position to get out of town for the weekend, state volleyball will be held at Natrona County High School.
  • Nov. 5 Girls state swimming and diving at Campbell County High School.
  • Nov. 5: Semifinal playoff football game between Rock Springs vs. Cheyenne East at 6 pm in Tiger Stadium. Come early for tailgating and fun!

**If you cannot make it, NFHS carries all the events that can be streamed live.

For the final part of the Tiger Challenge, please take pictures and post them on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to tag Huddle Up Rock Springs Booster Club.

“Our programs are doing very well right now, and it’s critical that students, parents, and the community as a whole get out there and support these kids. Your attendance increases school spirit, provides moral support to those competing, and brings the community together.”

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