Three Homes Destroyed in Platte County Britania Fire

Three Homes Destroyed in Platte County Britania Fire

Favorable weather over the past few days have helped crews get the Britania Mountain fire under control.

PLATTE COUNTY — The Britania Mountain Fire near Wheatland grew to 26,028 acres as of Thursday afternoon, and fire officials say three homes have been lost due to the blaze that started on Sunday.

Despite the losses, officials also reported that containment increased to 64% yesterday due to successful operations on the northern and eastern flanks of the fire.

Officials confirmed one residence has been lost in Albany County and two have been lost in Platte County.

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The respective county authorities have contacted these property owners. This is in addition to the 15 outbuildings that were previously reported.

Firefighters were successful in constructing line to gain additional containment on the north side of the fire.

On the eastern edge of the fire, crews mopped up and patrolled established containment line constructed over prior shifts.

The southeastern corner of the fire increased containment as crews were successful in constructing direct fireline in the lighter fuels as well as using roads as indirect firelines to conduct firing operations along Palmer Canyon Road.

Both fixed wing air resources and helicopters were utilized to support ground resources in these efforts.

On the southwest corner of the fire, crews identified roads that may be utilized as indirect firelines and began prepping those areas to conduct continued firing operations.

Today crews will continue securing, mopping up, and patrolling the northern edge of the fire to make further gains in containment on that flank of the fire.

The eastern end of the fire, crews will patrol established fire lines and work to increase containment in the southeastern corner of the fire.

On the south flank of the fire, crews will continue working to protect homes and other values at risk as they continue firing operations while holding the fire north of the Palmer Canyon Road.

Aircraft will again be used to support ground crews in operations in this division. Ground crews will continue prepping indirect containment lines on the southwest and western edges of the fire.

Weather reports of a cold front passing over the area should aid crews in further containing the fire over the weekend, authorities report.

Mandatory evacuations remain in effect for parts of the region as breezy conditions are expected throughout the day.