Today In History: The Cokeville Elementary School Bombing

Today In History: The Cokeville Elementary School Bombing photo

#TodayInHistory: Today in 1986, The Cokeville Elementary School crises happened.

David and Doris Young took 167 hostages (150 children, 17 adults and one unlucky UPS driver) at the elementary school.

The two brought in a bomb attached to themselves with a lanyard.


Excerpt from the book “On This Day In Wyoming History”:

David young had been the town marshal but had been fired for his odd, erratic behavior. Doris Young had been a cafe worker in the town whom he had met while living there.

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David claimed to be acting as a revolutionary, but part of his demands included $300 million. Doris accidentally detonated the bomb while her deluded husband was using a restroom.

He returned and murdered her and then killed himself after wounding a teacher. All the hostages survived, many leaving the classroom through the windows after the blast.

The incident is extremely unusual in that it was associated with a very large number of reports of the presence of angels seconds prior to the blast, who, according to those present, directed everyone to the far side of the room near the windows.

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