Top 8 News Stories of 2015

Top 8 News Stories of 2015

During 2015, there were quite a few different events that caught the public’s attention. We narrowed it down to the top eight news stories or events covered on our site.


Top 8 Major News Events

1. Last year’s July flooding in Rock Springs and the community’s helpful response.

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2. The huge pile-up on I-80 last April.


3. Deseret Health Group’s abrupt closure of their Rock Springs facility brought the community together to meet resident’s needs and ensure it stayed open.

Deseret health and Rehab in Rock Springs


4. The efforts of Tata Chemicals and its employees raising $10,530 in two weeks because they heard local food banks were in need.

Tata Chemicals raises $10,000 to support local food banks


5. The large meth investigation by the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and the Southwest Enforcement Team (SWET) that netted several arrests cleaning up our area.

Large Meth Bust in Sweetwater County


6. The final year of a four-year hosting of the National High School Finals Rodeo.

National High School Finals Rodeo


7. The extensive forgery case in Rock Springs.

Woman arrested in Rock Springs for Forgery


8. The Green River wolves football team beating undefeated Jackson to go to state.

Green River Football beats Jackson to go to State