Town Bar & Grill to Open Feb. 1 in Green River


GREEN RIVER — Green River local Buckley Hubert successfully obtained approval for the issuance of a retail liquor license in Green River for his new business, the Town Bar & Grill during Tuesday’s city council meeting.

The location of the Town Bar & Grill will be at 95 East Railroad Ave, Green River. Previous businesses at the location include Stacie Ann’s Cafe, the O.T. Sports Bar, and Embers years ago.

The public hearing was open to the public, no concerns were voiced. Council members wished Hubert good luck in the success of his business.

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Town Bar & Grill

Hubert has decided to step back from the heavy lifting of his mainstay business, Buck’s Heating and Air Conditioning, and set his sights on new business ventures. His son Andrew Hubert will maintain a leadership role with the company.

Hubert said he’s thought of opening a new business for several years, and has had friends tell him he’d make a good bar owner.

“Plus, I’m getting older and it’s harder for me to do the heating and air conditioning,” he said. “I’ll let my kids do that and find something warm inside to do.”

For the Town

As for the family patriarch, Buck looks forward to the opening of his non-smoking Town Bar & Grill.

“It will be an adults-only social bar that serves food, and non smoking,” he said.

“My friends and a lot of my neighbors, they just wanted a non-smoking environment somewhere that was just for adults; where adults could go and be adults. So that’s what we’re shooting for.”

Dubbed the Town Bar & Grill, there’s emphasis on the word “town.”

“We want to make it a family “town” bar, that’s why we call it a town bar. So we just want to involve the town of Green River,” Hubert said.

“We’re open to any kind of ideas to make it for the town.”

Hubert said the Town Bar & Grill will serve normal bar food with entertainment on the weekends, and maybe special events once a month, and they will keep the pool tables and darts.

The goal is to open their doors by February 1, if not a week or two later.


To view the full document concerning this pubic hearing, and to view a full list of liquor license holders in Green River, click HERE.