TRN Media’s All-Valley Football Team

TRN Media’s All-Valley Football Team

SweetwaterNOW photos, Jayson Klepper. Graphic Design by Kaylee Hughes

BRIDGER VALLEY – With the football season concluded we at TRN Media thought it was a good time to look back at the season and honor the play of the Bridger Valley students. We have compiled a list of who we think would make the team if there was an all-star team for Bridger Valley.

We have 12 players on offense and 12 on defense with some playing both ways. We also have a kicking specialist and a returner. We also listed a few players as honorable mentions who played well this season and could have easily made the list as well. The list was voted on by Erick Pauley, Keith Trujillo, Lyndon Schmidt, and Jayson Klepper.


QB- Carter Bradshaw – Lyman

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RB- Jayce Schultz – Mountain View

RB- Sam Gregory – Lyman

WR- Carson Eardley – Mountain View

WR- Kyce Hurdsman – Lyman

WR- Deavon Shear – Lyman

TE- Caleb Smith – Lyman

OL- Max Gregory – Lyman

OL- Morgan Hatch – Lyman

OL- Coby Jones – Mountain View

OL- Tyler Mair – Mountain View

OL- Fletcher Black – Mountain View


DL- Coby Jones – Mountain View

DL- Landon Solaas – Mountain View

DL- Seamus Hamilton – Mountain View

DL- Konnor Staley – Mountain View

LB- Max Gregory – Lyman

LB- Morgan Hatch – Lyman

LB- Jackson Sawyer – Mountain View

LB- Caleb Smith – Lyman

DB- Carson Eardley – Mountain View

DB- Justus Platts – Mountain View

DB- Sam Gregory – Lyman

DB- Carter Bradshaw – Lyman


Kicking Specialist- Landon Solaas – Mountain View

Returner- Carson Eardley – Mountain View

Honorable Mentions

Gus Roden – Mountain View

Isac Linford – Mountain View

Brockton Walker – Mountain View

Paxton Walker – Mountain View

Nate Brady – Lyman

Everett Lee – Lyman

Ayden Wyatt – Lyman

Colter Dewitt – Lyman