Uinta County Officers Warn Residents of Phone Call Scams

Uinta County Officers Warn Residents of Phone Call Scams

EVANSTON — The Uinta County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of phone scams it has been made aware of in the past few weeks.

According to a social media post on March 2 from Uinta County Law Enforcement Services, Uinta County Dispatch has been notified of another scam, which is the most recent scam.

“This scammer is identifying themselves as ‘Officer Matthews’ and telling them he has opened an identity theft case for them and wants to get their personal information,” the post states.

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According to a social media post on February 22, “a resident was contacted by someone identifying themselves as being with their ‘power company’ and making a courtesy call. The resident disconnected and contacted their power company directly, who confirmed they had not made any courtesy calls to customers.”

In a February 19 social media post, the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center reported it had received a couple of calls from Uinta County residents who received calls advising them their son had been involved in a car crash and they needed to send money immediately to get him out of jail. The caller also encouraged them to not contact any family members, and to send money immediately.

“We would like to remind everyone to be very cautious about anyone requesting immediate payment by phone for reported emergency medical treatment or incarceration,” the post states.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind residents to use caution when providing any personal or banking information to anyone over the telephone.

“Do not ever provide anyone calling you with any personal or banking information, unless you personally know them or the business they are associated with,” the post states.

Unfortunately, these are not the only phone scams the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office has received. At the beginning of February, the sheriff’s office was notified by residents that someone was identifying themselves as a local officer, using the names of some of the office’s real officers, attempting to get payment for a warrant over the phone.