United Way Receives Big Donation

United Way Receives Big Donation

TATA Chemicals, its employees and members of United Steelworkers Local 15320 raised $163,946.58 during their United Way of Southwest Wyoming workplace campaign. Proceeds benefit local community programs that focus on education, health and basic needs. Those in the back row are Morgan Meyer, Jeff Haggit, Maro Cortes, Charlie Robbins, Jeanette Styles, Steve Roberts, Jared Bundy; and in the front row are Art Rose, Catherine Aresipathi, Olivia Wagner and Kelly Frink, United Way of Southwest Wyoming Executive Director. Courtesy photo

GREEN RIVER – Employees of TATA Chemicals and United Steelworkers Local 15320 raised nearly $82,000 during the 2019 United Way of Southwest Wyoming workplace campaign. TATA Chemicals matched those donations, increasing the total donation to $163,946.58.

“I want to thank our TATA employees and the United Steelworkers Local 15320 for their generosity in support of the campaign,” Roger Hoops, vice president of manufacturing at TATA Chemicals, said. “TATA is proud to help make Southwest Wyoming a better place to live, work, and raise our families.”  

Proceeds raised in the campaign are used to support education, healthcare, and basic needs programs. United Way partners with many organizations throughout Sweetwater County, such as the Boys & Girls Club of Sweetwater County; Food Bank of Sweetwater County; Sweetwater County Child Developmental Center: Social, Emotional, and Preschool; Sweetwater Family Resource Center: Family Independence and Family Visitation; Western Wyoming Reproductive Health; Young at Heart: Early Learning Center, In Home Services and Special Diet Meals; Youth Alternative Home Association; and the YWCA: Financial Empowerment and Center for Families and Children. 

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In Uinta County, United Way supports the Evanston Youth Club for Boys & Girls; Lincoln Self Reliance; Lincoln Uinta Child Developmental Association; Sexual Assault and Family Violence; and the Uinta Alternative Home Association.

“We have the deepest appreciation for the continued support of TATA Chemicals, its employees, and members of United Steelworkers Local 15320,” Kelly Frink, executive director, United Way of Southwest Wyoming, said. “Because of their generosity, families will have food on the table, senior citizens can live in their homes longer, and children will be kindergarten ready.”