UW Announces Sweetwater County Fall Graduates

UW Announces Sweetwater County Fall Graduates

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LARAMIE — The University of Wyoming accorded degrees upon the following students from Sweetwater County at the completion of the 2022 fall semester.

The following degrees may be included on this list: BA (Bachelor of Arts); BS (Bachelor of Science); BSB (Bachelor of Science in Business); BSCE (Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering); BSCS (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science); BSDH (Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene); BSEE (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering); BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing); CERT (Certificate); JD (Juris Doctor); MA (Master of Arts); and MS (Master of Science).


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Students are:

Gage Allen Clawson JD

Green River
Abigail Y. Alcorn BS
Hallie S. Barenz BS
Jonathan Lee Borchardt BA
Amanda Carson MA
Haylen Ryleigh Cordova BS
Kelsey Erickson BSDH
Amy L. Galley CERT
Shannon A. Hlad CERT and MS
Kayla D. Okyere-Boaten BS
Camry A. Peterson BS
Jessica Anne Robidoux MS
Kaitlynn J. Sharp BS
Spencer Travis BA

Rock Springs
Alison K. Arnoldi BSN
Matthew Colin Baker BSCS
Connor M. Coleman CERT and MS
Andrew Steven Daley BS
Jazmine Hopkin BSB
Kimberley A. Keslar MS
Brenden S. Lapp BSEE
Skya R. Legerski BA
Jamie A. Lovato MS
Rayven Star Lucero BA
Fabian Martinez BA
Darby Jo McMartin BS
Nicholas Nelson BSEE
Rori S. Pedri MS
Angel A. Portillo BSCE
Raeanne A. Prather BA
Tara Salazar BSB
Sydney Shannon BS
Richard Westfall MS
Amy L. Wiig MS