Vaccination Series Restart Not Necessary Due To Shipment Shortages

Vaccination Series Restart Not Necessary Due To Shipment Shortages

People who miss out on a second COVID-19 vaccination due to low shipment numbers will not need to restart their series, according to the Sweetwater County Community Nursing Office.

ROCK SPRINGS — The Sweetwater County Community Nursing (SCCN) Office says patients waiting for a second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine will not need to restart the series due to delays in shipments.

According to a statement issued by SCCN this morning, Pfizer multi-dose vials range from 5-7 dose, and every available dose in each vial is used.

With the variance between vials, some second doses may not be available at a person’s appointment.

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“We will reschedule any unavailable doses for the next shipment,” said Public Health Response Coordinator Ronda Zancanella. “The vial variance is out of our control but we will ensure anyone not receiving the second dose at their appointment will be a priority for the next shipment.”

Zancanella added that per CDC information, there is no need to restart the series if the second dose is delayed.

For example, five vials will have a minimum of 25 doses, but could have as many as 35. So SCCN may draw up 35 doses for the first round of vaccinations, but the next vials may only draw up 30 doses.

“And that leaves five, second doses not available in that shipment,” Zancanella said.

SCCN said its working diligently to ensure all COVID-19 vaccines it receives are distributed quickly and by the phases its given from the Wyoming Department of Health.