Vaughn’s Plumbing and Heating Contributes Nearly $800 to Local Toys for Kids Program

Vaughn’s Plumbing and Heating Contributes Nearly $800 to Local Toys for Kids Program

Representatives from Vaughn’s Plumbing and Heating and the Rock Springs Main Street/URA present checks to the Rock Springs Firefighters to assist with the Toys for Kids program. (Left to right) Ty Haden (RSFD), Captain Steven Kourbelas (RSFD), Keaton Cross (Vaughn’s Plumbing and Heating), Kevin Hafner (RSFD), Terri Nations (Rock Springs Main Street/URA) and Fire Chief Jim Wamsley.

ROCK SPRINGS — On November 21, the Downtown Broadway Theater hosted a special showing of Toy Story. Sponsored by Vaughn’s Plumbing and Heating, the movie was a fund-drive for the Rock Springs Firefighter’s Toys for Kids program; all revenues were donated to the program.

In addition to the revenue from the ticket sales, Vaughn’s Plumbing and Heating also generously donated an additional $500 to the Toys for Kids program and covered all costs associated with the Toy Story movie. Nearly $800 was contributed to the program as a result of the movie and Vaughn’s generosity.

The management team at Vaughn’s have always made it a priority to give back to the community that has built their success over the past 50+ years.

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According to Keaton West with Vaughn’s, “Historically we have diversified our donations to the Tree of Sharing, United Way, Youth Sporting Events, etc. and felt this year we would like to have more involvement in giving back. We felt the toy-for-ticket idea and the Toy Story movie was a great way to become more involved and essentially team up with the community to share the common goal of assisting the Toys for Kids program.”

Our team feels that many kids do not have a choice when it comes to the holiday season, so if we can positively impact their Christmas in return, then that is a win-win reward for both of us!”

– Keaton West

Vaughn’s Plumbing & Heating was established in 1963 and provides services to Rock Springs and the surrounding areas. A plumbing and heating contractor and service company, Vaughn’s has developed a solid reputation of providing quality service at competitive prices. They also employ an average of forty people and take pride in the benefit package they offer their employees; the health and welfare of their employees is important to them.

The Toys for Kids program in Rock Springs is sponsored by the Rock Springs Fire Department.

For decades the Rock Springs Firefighters have been collecting and sorting toys that are donated by the kind hearted citizens of our community so all children are able to receive a Christmas gift. New, or like new, toy donations may be dropped off at the Rock Springs Fire Department Headquarters station at 600 College Drive or at the Rock Springs Library at 400 “C” Street.

Donations will be accepted at the fire stations until 7:00 pm on Friday, December 18, 2015.