VIDEO: Governor Matt Mead Holds Press Conference on Coal Mining Layoffs

WYOMING — Wyoming Governor Matt Mead held a press conference today concerning the ongoing layoffs of miners and the apparent decline of the coal industry in Wyoming.

Mead cited three factors in the decline, warmer weather this year and in previous years is diluting demand, a huge abundance of natural gas that competes against coal and a third involving rules and regulations.

“Coal as you know has been facing an uphill challenge for some period of time. During my time in office we have filed a number of lawsuits trying to address what we believe are over-regulation and unnecessary regulation,” Mead said.

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Mead expressed his ongoing support for the coal industry, miners and their families. Mead said that he asked several agencies and organizations to help individuals, businesses and communities impacted by the layoffs. They include, The Department of Workforce Services, The Wyoming Business Council, The Wyoming Insurance Department and educators including The University of Wyoming and local Community Colleges. The organizations will be working with impacted communities.

So far Southwest Wyoming has been spared from layoffs impacting the Powder River Basin.

An essay by Coal Miner Stacey Moeller is being shared around the state and is touching hearts.