Western Announces Winner of Bike Trail Name Contest

Western Announces Winner of Bike Trail Name Contest

Keith Hay was the winner of the Sweetwater Trails Alliance contest to name the new bike trail behind Western Wyoming Community College. Keith came up with the name "Mustang Loop".

ROCK SPRINGS — The Sweetwater Trails Alliance (SWTA) has selected a name for the new bike trail behind Western Wyoming Community College’s residence halls. 

The trail will be called the Mustang Loop. Local submitter, Keith Hay, won a Yeti backpack and water bottle for submitting the winning name.  

While the trail path has been completed, donations are still needed for items such as signage, benches, picnic tables (if possible), a south parking lot off Skyline Street, and recycled asphalt on the staging area near the College’s West parking lot.  

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A staging area is a location that can be the area used for people to sign up for events, get water and food, first aid, and vendor setup during events. The space allows people to gather without using the parking lot as that parking lot is used for CDL classes. 

The City of Rock Springs moved roughly 500 tons of dirt to flatten the area on the northwest corner of the West parking lot to create space for the staging area.  

Donations will also be used to include skills items for mountain biking such as teeter-totters, eight-inch rails at ground level, eight-inch rails at a two-foot level, and possibly a rock-climbing skills section.  

“The Sweetwater Trails Alliance is excited to bring a quality trail system inside the city of Rock Springs. We look forward to our community getting outside and enjoying our community trail whether hiking, running, or biking,” said Randall Dale, SWTA member. “This trail can fit your needs whether grandma and grandpa want a place to walk, possibly teach someone biking skills to build confidence, or just stroll around the trail with the kids in a stroller or even a strider bike while learning how to ride.”

This year’s National Day of Giving or Giving Tuesday falls on November 30, 2021. Details on how to donate can be found at www.westernwyoming.edu/biketrail. To donate to Western’s Foundation, visit www.westernwyoming.edu/giving.