Whisler is Lending a Hand to Help Our Heroes

Whisler is Lending a Hand to Help Our Heroes

For our military, educators and first responders, Chevy has long supported our every day heroes.

Now more than ever, Whisler Chevrolet & Cadillac is grateful to the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professions bravely taking care of us during these trying times.

As a small way of saying thanks, Whisler Chevrolet is extending the Chevrolet First Responder Discount to those committed to helping our communities.


Whisler knows you’re not in it for the recognition, and that just makes you all the more deserving. And because you put so much on the line when you go to work, they’ve created a discount to be there for you when you need it.

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The GM First Responder Discount gives Firefighters, Police, EMTs, Paramedics, 911 Dispatchers, and other qualifying Healthcare Professionals special pricing on eligible, new Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles.

It’s their way of saying thanks for service that makes all the difference.


Discount is available on eligible, new Chevrolet vehicles to the following:

  • Paid or Volunteer Firefighters
  • Police – including Police Officers, Sheriffs and Sheriff”s Deputies
  • Correctional Officers
  • State Troopers and Federal Law Enforcement Officers
  • EMTs/Paramedics and 911 Dispatchers, and other qualifying Healthcare Professionals.


Many new and unused 2020 and 2019 Chevrolet cars; SUVs; crossovers; midsize, light-duty and HD pickup trucks; and passenger and cargo vans are eligible.

? Give them a call at 307 212-8247 for more information today!


The General Motors First Responder Discount Program (The Program) provides eligible Participants (The Participant) with the opportunity to purchase/lease eligible new or unused vehicles at The Program price at a participating dealer.

By purchasing or leasing an eligible vehicle through The Program, The Participant acknowledges these Rules and Guidelines and agrees to abide by them.

It is the responsibility of The Participant to know the rules of The Program as set forth in this document. Violations of these rules by The Participant may result in sanctions against The Participant.

The Program may be withdrawn at any time, and its terms are subject to change from time to time by General Motors (GM). Final decisions in all matters relating to the interpretation of any rule or phrase of this activity rest solely with General Motors.

Must be a current Firefighter, Police, EMT/Paramedic, or 911 Dispatcher or Healthcare Professional (as defined by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). First Responders employed by federal, state or municipal governments may be subject to restrictions that limit their ability to accept this offer. Accordingly, this offer is void unless permitted by applicable federal, state and municipal laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, policies, codes of conduct, and other directives or standards regarding ethics and gift acceptance by the applicable federal, state or municipal employees. By accepting this offer, you verify that doing so complies with all laws, regulations, policies or other restrictions regarding ethics or gift acceptance that apply to you. Not available on select base trims or with some other offers. At participating dealers. Take new retail delivery by 6/30/20.

The Program cannot be applied to a prior purchase or lease.