Winter A Great Time to Bird Watch; Just Bring Your Long Underwear Along!

A bald eagle flies above the Green River near the HWY 530 bridge recently. (Photo courtesy of Lucy Wold, WGFD).

GREEN RIVER — Wyoming has more than 400 bird species and nearly half of those species do not migrate south for the winter and winter in Wyoming.

Many species, such as bald eagle, Trumpeter swan, golden eagle, Canada goose, great horned owl, many duck species, finch and northern flicker are common.

Heavily reliant on fish, the search for food forces some bald eagles to migrate in late autumn and early winter, when lakes and rivers in their nesting grounds freeze.

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As long as there is open water and available food sources, bald eagles can be spotted.

There have been many bald eagle sightings in the Green River Region in January.