Wolves Finish Second at Thoman Soda Ash Invite

Wolves Finish Second at Thoman Soda Ash Invite

GREEN RIVER – A repeat of the Thoman Invitational fell just short as the Green River Wolves finished second at the weekend tournament.

The Wolves ran through their competition on Friday finished the first day perfect. On Saturday, Green River made it a sweep in its pool with a win over Cheyenne East. In the gold bracket, the Wolves opened strong with a 15-point win over Scottsbluff, 45-30.

The win set up a match-up with Uintah County. The two teams have battled all year long at different tournaments and Saturday was no different. They went back and forth with the decision going down to the final match. In the end, the Wolves came up two-points short, 32-30.

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For their efforts throughout the tournament, several Wolves wrestled in the best of the best to close out the tournament. They included Cyro Montoya, Gage Byers, Kaycee Corchrane and Jordan Tucker. Montoya scored a major decision win 12-2 at 113 while Gage Byers scored a win by fall at the 2:44 mark at 126. Jordan Tucker also won a close decision at 220, 7-3, while Kaycee Corchrane came up just short at 145 in an 8-5 decision.

The Wolves will travel to Idaho this weekend for a dual with Skyline in Idaho Falls on Jan. 19 before battling in the Tiger-Grizz over the weekend.

Saturday’s Results

Round 7: Green River defeated Cheyenne East 46-25
285 – Joshua Gross (CE) over Gabe Bunderman (GR) Fall 1:11
106 – Kade Knezovich (GR) over Jason Hoskins (CE) Fall 2:28
113 – Cyro Montoya (GR) over Amos Solano (CE) Fall 3:47
120 – Justin Flores (GR) over Shawn Smith (CE) Dec 7-0
126 – Gage Byers (GR) win by Forfeit
132 – Ira Dickinson (GR) over Bryton Winchell (CE) Dec 2-1
138 – Nathan McCann (GR) over Chase Vossler (CE) Fall 1:25
145 – Kaycee Cochrane (GR) over Jamis Lopez (CE) Maj 13-1
152 – Gunner Bartlett (CE) over Eric Clingenpeel (GR) Maj 12-2
160 – Seth Green (CE) over Chance Anderson (GR) TF 16-1
170 – Thomas Neal (CE) over Payton Tucker (GR) Maj 11-2
182 – Blake Waite (GR) over Zach Alexander (CE) Fall 4:39
195 – Jacob Fogg (CE) over James McCarter (GR) Fall 2:20
220 – Jordan Tucker (GR) over Isaiah Garfia (CE) Fall 0:36

Gold Bracket

Round 1: Green River defeated Scottsbluff 45-30
106 – Kade Knezovich (GR) win by Forfeit
113 – Cyro Montoya (GR) over Kevin Price (Scot) Fall 2:55
120 – Jerryd Hernandez (Scot) over Justin Flores (GR) Fall 3:22
126 – Gage Byers (GR) win by Forfeit
132 – Ira Dickinson (GR) win by Forfeit
138 – Rob Price (Scot) over Nathan McCann (GR) Dec 8-5
145 – Kaycee Cochrane (GR) win by Forfeit
152 – Eric Clingenpeel (GR) win by Forfeit
160 – Sebastian Harsh (Scot) over Chance Anderson (GR) Dec 6-1
170 – Payton Tucker (GR) over Luis Vasquez (Scot) Fall 1:57
182 – Salem Harsh (Scot) over Blake Waite (GR) Fall 1:05
195 – Kobe Paez (Scottsbluff High School) over James McCarter (GR) Fall 1:21
220 – Jordan Tucker (GR) over Garrett nelson (Scot) Dec 11-4
285 – Genaro Gurrola (Scots) over Gabe Bunderman (GR) Fall 1:23

Round 2: Uintah defeated Green River 32-30
106 – Gavin Ayotte (Uin) over Kade Knezovich (GR) Fall 1:09
113 – Cyro Montoya (GR) over Randon Deets (Uin) Dec 11-4
120 – Colby Monson (Uin) over Justin Flores (GR) Dec 10-3
126 – Gage Byers (GR) over Kemryh Smuin (Uin) Fall 1:17
132 – August Harrison (Uin) over Ira Dickinson (GR) Fall 2:47
138 – Nathan McCann (GR) over Joel Hardman (Uin) Dec 11-5
145 – Kaycee Cochrane (GR) over Laramie Brough (Uin) Fall 5:29
152 – Hayden Boren (Uin) over Eric Clingenpeel (GR) SV-1 6-5
160 – Tucker Tomlinson (Uin) over Chance Anderson (GR) TF 18-3
170 – Payton Tucker (GR) over Tanner Moon (Uin) SV-1 4-2
182 – Blake Waite (GR) over Titan Young (Uin) Dec 6-5
195 – Cody Brewer (Uin) over James McCarter (GR) Dec 7-6
220 – Jordan Tucker (GR) over Blake Alsip (Uin) Fall 1:08
285 – Jarrod Runnels (Uin) over Gabe Bunderman (GR) Fall 2:41

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