Wrapped Up Benefit Concert Raises $800

Wrapped Up Benefit Concert Raises $800

We live in an amazing community and I think a lot of people are starting to become more involved and that’s just making it better every day.”

~ Navarre Mudd

The fifth annual Wrapped Up benefit concert was a success, Navarre Mudd said. The event raised $800 for Christmas toys for children in need this year.

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How it Works

After the Wrapped Up concert event at the beginning of the month, the toys were gathered and taken by the Rock Springs Fire Department for their annual Toys-For-Tots event. The fire department tallied the toys collected.

Mudd and a small group of local hip hop artists then went Christmas shopping with the money raised from the event to fill in the age gaps in toys still needed.


Rappers in Walmart

We caused quite a scene with a bunch of tattooed rappers filling multiple carts with toys. It was a blast.”

~ Navarre Mudd

Mudd said Walmart decided to donate 10% off their entire purchase once they found out why they were there.

“We were able to purchase every specific item on the list we received from the fire department of items still needed for families in the community,” Mudd said.

“It was amazing being able to have the other artists more deeply involved this year.”

Mudd said some of the local hip hop artists met him at Walmart before Christmas to help with the toy shopping. The group brainstormed together what would be best to fill in the blanks this year, and dispersed.

Local hip hop artists who helped with the Walmart excursion were Nicholas fletcher; Sickamore Treezy, Tony Macial; Tone the Melodic Monster, Jon Hemphill; Emcee Fish Stix, Jessie Crook; Mr. Crook, David Cohen; Stuntman, and Navarre Mudd.




Mudd said the gratitude people have shown him after receiving the toys was phenomenal this year.

“Some people have sent me pictures of their kids with toys they received from the fire department,” he said. “And that’s the part that makes it all worth the while.”


Stepping Up for Wrapped Up

While the entrance fee to the Wrapped Up benefit concert weekend was a gently used or new toy, the raffle which took place during the event is a large part of what raised the $800. Navarre said many of the small, locally-owned business stepped up to provide many of the raffle items.

“There were a lot more interested people and organizations this year then ever before,” Mudd said. “The local businesses are the ones that really came through this year for donations for the raffle as well.”

Mudd said some people didn’t want raffle tickets, but donated cash anyway. He said one individual brought a $100 check from his own organization to add to the total.

Among the raffles, multiple tattoo gift certs were donated, a vape setup from mob vapors, a window tint for up to 4 windows. There was a gift certificate from Wyo Faction for three months of unlimited training valued at $450.

There were multiple gift cards to local restaurants, he said, and several pieces of local art were donated ranging from music and merchandise. There were packages from local artists, and even hand-crafted and painted sculptures and other various pieces of art donated.

Mudd will announce raffle winners tonight, live on Facebook.


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