WYDOT Preparing for Wednesday Winter Storm

WYDOT Preparing for Wednesday Winter Storm

CHEYENNE – A winter storm is predicted to hit the Casper area Wednesday through Thursday. Snow is expected to move in from the north, and strong winds may accompany the storm.

Very cold temperatures are also expected in the area. Another storm may hit this weekend. Both storms are likely to affect travelers throughout the central to southeastern portion of the state.

It’s important to note that WYDOT’s snow removal plan seeks to provide travelers with a minimum service to allow traffic to move at a restricted rate. Plowing should be sufficient to keep snow ridges and drifting to a minimum.

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This does not mean the roads will be completely free of snow, ice, or other winter hazards. Drivers need to be aware that winter conditions, including slick and snow covered roads may still exist, and drive accordingly. If conditions get too bad, sections of any highway may be closed to traffic.

Additionally, tow plows will be servicing the area. A tow plow is a steerable plow mounted on a trailer. It allows an operator to essentially plow two travel lanes at a time. When deployed, it is not possible to pass the plow. Tow plow operators will pull to the side to let traffic pass, but may not be able to do so for each vehicle. Snow plows generally run at 35 mph where conditions warrant.

Please be patient and do not “crowd the plow.”



Highways designated for high-volume service will be plowed first, with roads in other classifications handled as soon as possible thereafter. Changing weather and road conditions may require shifting resources from lower-priority roads to achieve the desired level of service on higher-volume highways.

Up to 20 hours daily of high-volume service is provided on Interstate 25.

Up to 16 hours daily of medium-volume service is provided on U.S. 20/26 Casper-Waltman; WYO 220 Casper-Alcova; WYO 258 (Wyoming Boulevard) and U.S. 20/26/87 Casper-Glenrock.

The following roads are plowed once higher-level roads have been serviced:

Casper Mountain Road (single-shift, daylight hours only) (WYO 251)
Salt Creek Highway (WYO 254)
Garden Creek Road (WYO 252)
Cole Creek Road (WYO 256)
Hat Six Road (WYO 253)
I-25 Service Road, Wardwell/Horse Ranch Creek Interchange

Other service roads as resources become available.

For current road and travel information, visit www.wyoroad.info