WYDOT Warns Against Snow in Roadways

WYDOT Warns Against Snow in Roadways

SWEETWATER COUNTY – In light of recent winter snow storms, The Wyoming Department of Transportation would like to warn landowners and residents of the dangers of pushing snow out into highways and roadways.

Pushing accumulated and shoveled snow out onto highways and roadways creates an obstruction on the road, which is a violation of the law.

According to state statute 35-10-401, anyone who obstructs a public road or highway, common street or alley, public bridge or navigable river in a way that makes it inconvenient or dangerous to pass is breaking the law. Each violation is punishable by a fine of up to $100 and a jail sentence of up to three months. 

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The accumulated snow build up also can cause damages to signs, signposts, guardrails, and permitted utilities, as well as the fencing along the highway as well as creating blowing drifts that add to hazardous road conditions.

However, the most dangerous hazard is directly related to traffic.

“Imagine hitting a large pile of snow at 60 miles an hour in your car,” District Maintenance Engineer Tory Thomas commented. “It’s just plain dangerous.”

WYDOT recommends that landowners dispose of snow accumulation on their own properties in order to prevent any obstruction that may cause an accident. Maintaining public safety is critical when road conditions are already hazardous during winter weather.

For information about road conditions and closures, visit www.wyoroad.info.

For more information on road closures and weather conditions, please visit http://www.wyoroad.info.