Wyoming High School Football Playoff Seedings


WYOMING– The Wyoming high school football playoff seeds have been determined now that the regular season has come to an end, and Farson-Eden and Green River will have home field advantage for the first round.


Farson-Eden lost to Little Snake River on Saturday, October 21, 18-53, ending their undefeated season. Since Farson-Eden, Little Snake River, and Burlington all had the same record, a three-way coin flip determined who would take the third seed in the West Conference. Snake River lost the coin flip, so they are third seed.

Since Farson-Eden beat Burlington when they played this season, Farson-Eden gets the number one seed and Burlington gets number two.

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The number four East seed, Guernsey-Sunrise will play at Farson for the first round of the playoffs on Friday, October 27.

Green River

Star Valley secured the number one seed for the 3A West Conference when they beat Green River on Friday, October 20. Since Green River beat Cody in the regular season, Green River gets the second seed for the 3A West, and Cody gets the third seed.

Number three seed for the East, Douglas, will play at Green River on Friday, October 27 for the first round.

Green River High School
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Rock Springs

After their loss against Natrona County on Friday, October 20, Rock Springs received the sixth seed for 4A football. Rock Springs will play at Cheyenne East, the number three seed.

Rock Springs High School
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6-Man Playoffs

First Round: Friday, October 27

#4 West Meeteetsee will play at #1 East Kaycee.

#3 East Midwest will play at #2 West Burlington.

#3 West Little Snake River will play at #2 East H.E.M.

#4 East Guernsey-Sunrise will play at #1 West Farson-Eden.

Semi-Finals: Friday, November 3

Meeteetsee and Kaycee winner will play Midwest and Burlington winner.

Little Snake River and H.E.M. winner will play Guernsey-Sunrise and Farson-Eden winner.

3A Playoffs

First Round: Friday, October 27

#4 West Worland will play at #1 East Torrington.

#3 East Douglas will play at #2 West Green River.

#3 West Cody will play at #2 East Buffalo.

#4 East Rawlins will play at #1 West Star Valley

Semi-Finals: Friday, November 3

Worland and Torrington winner will play Green River and Douglas winner.

Cody and Buffalo winner will play Rawlins and Star Valley winner.

4A Playoffs

First Round: Friday, October 27

#8  Cheyenne Central will play at #1 Sheridan.

#5 Thunder Basin will play at #4 Kelly Walsh.

#6 Rock Springs will play at #3 Cheyenne East.

#7 Laramie will play at #2 Natrona County.

Semi-Finals: Friday, November 3

Cheyenne Central and Sheridan winner will play Thunder Basin and Kelly Walsh winner.

Rock Springs and Cheyenne East winner will play Laramie and Natrona County winner.


The championship games will be played on Saturday, November 11.