Wyoming Highway Patrol Remembers Two of its Own

Wyoming Highway Patrol Remembers Two of its Own

CHEYENNE – As Peace Officer Memorial Week 2016 begins, we remember and honor the ultimate sacrifice made by Wyoming Highway Patrolman Pete Visser, Wyoming Highway Patrol State Trooper Chris Logsdon, the 128 officer deaths in 2015, the 35 lost to date in 2016 and all others in years past.

On October 09th, 1981, Patrolman Pete Visser was investigating a crash when the parked patrol car he was seated in was struck from behind by a drunk driver in a pickup truck. Patrolman Visser suffered critical head and neck injuries from the crash.

Patrolman Visser succumbed to his injuries three days later on October 12th. Patrolman Visser was the first patrolman of the Wyoming Highway Patrol to die in the line of duty since the agency was formed in 1933. Patrolman Visser’s ultimate sacrifice is never forgotten.

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On October 13th, 1998, Trooper Chris Logsdon was responding to an impaired driver report on Interstate 25 near Wheatland, Wyoming. As Trooper Logsdon crested a hill, the suspect driver was traveling the wrong direction on I-25 headed right at Trooper Logsdon.

Trooper Logsdon swerved to avoid a crash with the oncoming vehicle causing his patrol vehicle to roll multiple times. Trooper Logsdon sustained life-ending injuries during the crash. The suspect driver was apprehended a short time later not as an impaired driver, but was identified as a confused elderly man. Trooper Logsdon’s selfless act to save the suspect from injury and his ultimate sacrifice is never forgotten.

Please continue to remember our WHP families who have suffered these losses and our men & women who serve you so faithfully every day.