Wyoming Native Runs 161 Miles in Honor of Fallen Servicewomen

Valor Run Facebook Photo: https://www.facebook.com/valorrun/photos/a.1423623051249546/2389637764648065/?type=3&theater

RAWLINS — U.S. Marine, Pamela Torres, completed a 161 mile tribute run in honor of fallen servicewomen since 9/11. Torres completed her trek across the challenging landscape on Tuesday afternoon at Rawlins High School.

Torres, who is from Rawlins, spent a year training and preparing for the long and challenging run. Despite having prior experience in half marathons, the 161 mile trek posed to be her most challenging task as she made her way from Cheyenne to Rawlins in a 10-day period.

Known as the Valor Run, Torres teamed up with the foundation to remember the 161 servicewomen that lost their lives while serving their country. While they may not be here anymore, each woman’s legacy lives on and continues to change lives.

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“This is an opportunity for someone to give back to the families to let them know that these women are not forgotten. They are still changing lives even though they are no longer here with us. I don’t want them to go unknown,” Torres said in a video on Facebook.

Although large hills, rain, wind and heat battered Torres, her purpose carried her further and helped her to overcome the obstacles throughout her journey.

“At points the road wanted to break me,” Torres said. “My mind wanted you to quit, but I trained for this. I dug down and knew that glory was on the other side of that pain and kept going. Everyone’s support throughout was absolutely amazing.”

With the Valor Run now behind her, Torres will carry special memories with her and the lessons she learned throughout the entire experience.

“This experience was very humbling,” Torres said. “I’ve learned that people are still wonderful. I can do anything I set my mind to. I’ve learned that these 161 [women] will be with me for the rest of my life.”

Torres has always been interested in multi-sport events and looks forward to testing out a triathlon in the near future. For now she will heal a few injuries she sustained during the run and appreciate the opportunity she had to be a part of the Valor Run.

“I’m just a girl who wanted to run for her sisters since they couldn’t run for themselves. I know they’d do the same for me,” Torres said.

Donations to the Valor Run are still being accepted. To donate, click here.