You’re Invited to Pathway to a Healthy Beginning; A Discussion About Addiction

You’re Invited to Pathway to a Healthy Beginning; A Discussion About Addiction

Pathway to a Healthy Beginning will be hosted as a panel discussion to talk about addiction in our community and the serious consequences that come with that.

We will also be talking about suicide and how substance use and suicide link.


November 8th, 2021
7:00 – 8:30PM

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We encourage anyone who wants to attend to join.
This will be a family event, so children are welcome!

We will cover topics to address how youth are impacted, the culture surrounding substance use and the stigma related to mental health and addiction.

There are a variety of people on the panel who are experts, have lived experience, and some who have both! The panel discussion will include a moderator to assist in directing conversation topics, though we encourage you to ask questions as well! The Western Wyoming Community College’s Wellbeing and Accessibility, and the Sweetwater County Prevention Coalition are hosting this event.

Our vision for this event is to bring the community together to discuss tough topics and create solutions for the challenges that are being faced every day in our own county.

For more info call Shelby Gordon: (307) 352-6677
or Email:

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