10 Ways to Chill Out on National Relaxation Day

10 Ways to Chill Out on National Relaxation Day

Today is National Relaxation Day – which means, WE ALL JUST NEED TO CHILL FOR A SEC. okay!?

While most American’s pride themselves on keeping a to-do list a mile long and rarely having time to take a breather, the American work ethic/schedule can be a bit unhealthy and cause a serious case of burnout.

Cellphones, social media, and email don’t help either. With technology being wired into our daily routines, it’s almost virtually impossible to relax.

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You arrive home from a long stressful day at work. You are convinced your boss has made it his/her personal mission to drain you of every drop of brainpower you have before you return home. But you’re home now, and you can finally rest and recover. Or so you thought…

BEEEEP! You now have 7 new emails, 12 Facebook notifications, and 2 voicemails.

Sigh and repeat…

Today, we relax… even if it’s just for a minute.

But how?! How do you relax when you have deadlines to meet, projects to finish, and your significant others socks to pick up off the floor? Just keep reading and I will tell you…

Here are a few ways to actually relax on National Relaxation Day ⬇️

1. Ignore your to-do-list: Honestly, this one might cause me more stress, knowing I’ll have more to tackle the next day – but hey, it might work for you.

2. Take a mental vacation: Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and picture your happy place for a few minutes. It may sound cheesy, but taking a mental break may help rejuvenate your ability to tackle your work.

3. Go on a walk: If you find yourself spending too much time at your desk, try taking a walk around the neighborhood, or around the Green Belt in Green River, or at the base of White Mountain in Rock Springs. To add a little pizazz, try leaving your phone at home – or at least try and keep it in your pocket. (There will always be another day to let your 400 Instagram followers know you went for a walk.)

4. Sneak in a power-nap: If you are able to go home for lunch try taking a 10-15 minute nap. I do this on particularly stressful days. It’s a great way to clear your head.

5. Unplug: Now, your job may not allow you to stay off social media, ignore your emails, and turn off your phone all day. Buuut maybe you can convince yourself to stay unplugged for just an hour or two and focus on something calming. Staying away from screens before bed can be especially helpful.

6. Do absolutely NOTHING: If you’re like me, this can be difficult – but it is possible if you really set your mind to it. Don’t feel guilty for enjoying some downtime. Call in sick and catch up on your favorite TV show, or stay in PJ’s all day and sleep in till noon. Heck, stare at a wall if that all you can muster.

7. Catch up on those forgotten tasks: You know those tasks (usually personal) that have been on your to-do list forever, but always get pushed aside because you don’t have enough energy or brainpower left to complete them after a long day at the office. Wash that pan that’s been sitting in the sink for a week, balance your budget, organize your closet, do whatever it is that you need to do to feel a little lighter.

8. Laugh with friends and family: This one’s simple, there’s nothing better than laughing with your friends and family – plus, laughing trigger the release of endorphins – endorphins help promote relaxation, and boost your mood. P.S. Today is also National Tell A Joke Day.

9. Exercise: Speaking of endorphins… To quote Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in legally blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphinsEndorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t.” 

10. Eat pie: Fortunately, National Lemon Meringue Pie Day also falls on this day. So if all else fails, stuff your face with some pie. 9 out of 10 dentists say pie helps relieve stress.

Happy relaxing! Thanks for reading ?