Community Contribution: Paramedics and Firefighters Go The Extra Mile

Community Contribution: Paramedics and Firefighters Go The Extra Mile

We received the following letter from Delores Hepker Lee. She wanted to thank Sweetwater Medics and the Fire Department for helping her mother during a recent health crisis.

The full text of the letter follows:

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You know, these days we hear a lot of not so nice things about Sweetwater County.

People have negative comments about everything. Pizza Hut is too slow, the roads have too much snow, there is too much construction in the summer.

Sadly, some of these comments are even about first responders, and that is something I really dislike seeing.

Now, let me tell you a story. A few weeks ago my mother, who has cancer fell and knocked herself unconscious. When my daughter called 911, the operator kept her calm, and stayed on the line until help arrived. The Fire Department arrived first, less than seven minutes after my daughter dialed those three numbers, next came the crew from Sweetwater medics, and they got everything squared away and my mom taken to MHSC.

After the fall, we spent some time in a hospital and Utah, and I came home in one of the most heartbreaking situations of my life. My mom can no longer walk. I have to carry her to the toilet, hold her up to get her dressed, and transfer her to and from her wheelchair. My mom just happens to live in a split level house, and all of her time is spent upstairs.

She’s had a few doctors appointments since she got home…. And we’re still waiting on the installation of a stair lift.

This is where Sweetwater Medics, and the Fire Department went above and beyond. When my mom has an appointment I call Sweetwater Medics, and if they’re able they come to my mom’s and take her down the stairs to the car, on my way home I call again, and they help her back up the stairs.

This isn’t something they have to do, I’m pretty sure it isn’t even in their job description, yet each time they still show up, happy to help. And the one time all the Medics happened to be busy, with everyone out on a call, they called the fire department, who yet again came to the rescue. Words can’t explain how thankful I am for these groups of people, how thankful my family is.

Delores Hepker Lee