Sweetwater Fire Warden Recognized For Efforts in Granger

Sweetwater Fire Warden Recognized For Efforts in Granger

SWEETWATER COUNTY – While residents may call the things he does heroic, he calls it a job. On Tuesday, a local first responder was honored for his work in the field.

Although new to the area, Sweetwater County Fire Warden Mike Bournazian is already leaving his mark. At the Sweetwater County Commissioner meeting, Commissioner Randal Wendling read a letter from the Department of Homeland Security honoring the work of the Fire Warden.

The letter recognized Bournazian for his work on the recent Granger water issue. It stated that when the issue started, the head of Sweetwater County Fire quickly set a plan and “aggressively” attacked the situation.

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Bournazian not only helped make sure residents had water to drink, but his department also made sure the residents had the proper fire protection. The department monitored and assisted on the situation until it was resolved.

Wendling said since then, the boil order has recently been lifted on the water and it has been deemed clear to drink.

Commission Chairman Wally Johnson said even though Bournazian is new to the team, he is an example of the type of employee the county prides itself on.

“Here is another example of one of our employees going above and beyond,” Johnson said.

The Chairman added he has heard Bournazian has made a world of difference at the station and urged his fellow commissioners to take a tour.

Commissioner Don Van Matre reported he recently did take a tour of the station and called the change to the station “immaculate.”