Actors’ Mission Members Met to Create Crepe Paper Flowers

Actors’ Mission Members Met to Create Crepe Paper Flowers

Those attending the event were from left to right in the back row are Pat Swan-Smith, Vicki Roth, Janice Jordan, Barbara Smith, Paula Wonnacott, Jan Torres and in the front are Margaret Russell, Sandy DaRif. Not pictured: Margene Chew, guest; Kurt Hensley, set-up; board members Brad Russell, Dave Gutierrez, and Eric Hamm.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Actors’ Mission’s Executive Producers (EP’s) and several board members met on Saturday for a Mexican crepe paper flower workshop and social. The EP’s are the fundraising branch of Actors’ Mission and are in charge of AM’s yearly benefit gala. This year’s gala on the theme of “Dia de los Muertos” is scheduled for October 29, 2022. Last years’ event was postponed due to the pandemic.

Sixteen individuals were involved in organizing, setting up and participating in the workshop, which took place at Actors’ Mission’s downtown building in the exact space that will house the AM’s future blackbox theater. Proceeds from the gala will contribute to funding the project. The objective of the workshop was for the group to learn how to make Mexican crepe paper flowers and to make a bunch to use as decorations for the Day of the Dead celebration.

Another objective was to provide a chance for participants to bond and have some fun. A food table which included green chili, beans, tamales, homemade tortillas, and various deserts was set up for participants to enjoy.

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Dave Gutierrez, Actors’ Mission board member, was the host, organizer, and flower-making guru. The group enjoyed the session so much that it has decided to follow up with another workshop at the end of the July.