Adorable & Adoptable–Pets of the Week: Ellie, Poppy & Felicity

Adorable & Adoptable–Pets of the Week: Ellie, Poppy & Felicity

Each week, we highlight local animals who are currently available at local shelters and can’t wait to become your best friend. Sponsored by the amazing folks at Commerce Bank of Wyoming.

This week’s four-legged friends are at Red Desert Humane Society. Stop by and meet them today!


Hi there! I’m Ellie, a 5 or 6-year-old female tabby cat. I’m the sweetest girl who loves to cuddle and be petted. I’m a talker, and would love to tell you all about my day as soon as I greet you home from work. I’m very playful and love to explore my surroundings. I also love my head scratched and will definitely rub my head on your legs. I can co-exist with other cats but I don’t enjoy being around them after awhile. Therefore, I’ll need a big enough space if there are other cats in the home so I don’t start getting annoyed by them. I might be better as the only cat in a home. I’ve also adjusted to dogs being around my kennel, so I might adjust to a dog in the house after some time. I do well with kids, and I’m house-trained, up to date on my shots, and spayed. I’m a really cool cat with a lot of personality and I can’t wait to get to know you!


Hello! I’m Poppy, a young adult female cat. I’m a very sweet and affectionate girl who loves to cuddle with my people and shower them with love. I love to explore my surroundings and enjoy looking out the window. After my adventuring, I’ll snuggle right back up on your lap. I love people so much, I want them all to myself. I would definitely prefer to be the only animal in the home, but I’ll be sure to keep you entertained! I’m house-trained, and my shots are up to date, and I’m also spayed. I’m ready to move in today! You really can’t resist my adorable green eyes, can you? I can’t wait to meet you!


Hey! I’m Felicity, a 2-year-old female cat. I’m a very kind gal who loves to play and talk! I am quite vocal, as I enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions. I’m pretty independent as well, so as much as I enjoy being around my people, I’m also content entertaining myself. Give me a cardboard scratcher and I’ll be happy! I cared for a few kittens that weren’t mine, and now I’m ready to find my forever home! I’m house-trained, up to date on my shots, and spayed. I might adjust to a dog in the home, but I haven’t been tested with cats yet. I’m a sweet, pretty, and playful girl who is so excited to see you soon!

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Adorable & Adoptable Pets of the Week is made possible by our great sponsors at Commerce Bank of Wyoming.