Another High Wind Warning Issued for Sweetwater County

Another High Wind Warning Issued for Sweetwater County

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Well folks, it looks like it’s going to be another windy day out there today.

The United States National Weather Service has issued another High Wind Warning for Sweetwater County. This warning starts at noon today and will run through 8 tonight.

Westerly winds from 35-45 mph are anticipated as well as up to 55-60 mph wind gusts. The areas of impact include Sweetwater and Lincoln counties, specifically Rock Springs, Green River, Flaming Gorge and Eastern Sweetwater County.

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Travel may be difficult, especially for high profile vehicles, due to high wind gusts. The Wyoming Department of Transportation is reporting as of 10:15 am, December 22, all of Interstate 80 is open for all vehicles. However, as conditions change, WYDOT may close sections of I80 off to high profile vehicles. For all the latest Wyoming road conditions, visit the WYDOT’s website.

As for snow, Sweetwater County isn’t supposed to get more than a dusting, however that could change as the storm moves in.

For the complete wind and snow briefing, watch the video below. For a complete forecast click here.